Kód: hair_ang

Angelina Hair is a very fine Mylar type material. With 6-8 inch strands Angelina Hair can be formed to hanks and used forbig streamers or cut it up for dubbing your small trout flies. It will add a little glitter to your old standbys. Tied in baitfish patterns seems to come alive in the water. But don't over look using this material in salmon and steelhead flies. Anglelina Hair blends well with most other materials for dubbing and it doesn't absorb water, so large flies dont get heavier. If you like stuff that sparkles and glitters it just doesn't get any better than this.


Detailed picture

Some popular colors

06 Orange

08 Copper

15 Chartreuse

16 Red

24 Black

27 Pearl Blue

28 Pearl Purple

29 Pearl Green

30 Pearl Gold

33 Peacock Bronze

35 Hologramm Silver

36 Hologramm Gold

Angel body - thick and pulsating
Fly and Article by Karper Muhlbach

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